Spreading your wealth is an important rule, whether that means investing in shares or in real estate. Time after time, you will be faced with tax decisions which you will have to continue to monitor.


Where should you put your securities deposit? A Dutch private limited company (BV) or an open-ended unit trust? Or is a foreign company more appealing in your situation? Or do you wish to invest tax-free in a tax-exempt investment institution (VBI)? We are happy to contribute ideas to help you weigh up the options. We can also deal with requests for reclaiming foreign dividend tax. Such tax is withheld but can often be reclaimed. Have you paid attention to this?

Real estate

The rules on real estate are very diverse and often exceptionally specific. Does VAT or conveyance tax apply, or perhaps even an extra tax on landlords letting rent-controlled housing? Which structure is the best to use? If the real estate is held privately, is its sale taxed under income tax? And do Business Succession Facilities apply to the sale of shares in your real estate private limited company (Dutch BV)?
Our team is happy to help you to answer these questions!

Private equity

It is possible that you lend some of your wealth to other business-owners, use it to invest in start-up companies or to contribute capital to an entity that has been around for much longer. But, in terms of tax, what is the right strategy and approach for you? How can financial and tax risks be avoided as much as possible?
What should you do if things go wrong or alternatively, when things go very well?


Investments abroad are another matter which gives rise to many questions. What is the tax regime in the country where you have investments? How can the obligations there be met? What is the best structure from your base in the Netherlands?
Dividend tax is often withheld from dividend distributions abroad. In many cases it is possible to recover overpayments of dividend tax. Reclaiming dividend tax will improve your return.