Optimising the tax burden

Are you making sufficient use of the tax schemes available?
Have you considered the ‘innovation box’, or even restructuring options to be able to deduct more? When is it time to realise profits and how should we deal with activities abroad? Can other companies’ losses be utilised? And are there any other depreciation options for specific investments?
There are too many to mention here. We will travel with you on your business journey and ensure that the right turnings are taken in good time.

International structures

Doing business abroad is the rule rather than an exception. But at what price should internal charging take place within the group? Our transfer pricing specialists will ensure that you comply with the rules on this point and that you have the right documentation at your disposal. But most of all, they will ensure that everything is arranged in the best possible way.
It is a good idea to think carefully about the best possible international structure. And what are the effects of ever-changing European regulations? Are you up to speed on the tax consequences of the country in which you are doing business? We can assist you in person in the Middle East, where we have a branch in Dubai (www.watermillconsultants.nl).
Practical matters require attention too. Have you thought about recovering foreign sales tax charged to your business?

Private interests versus business interests

The lines between the business and the private limited company (Dutch BV) are often very thin in family businesses. There is a current account relationship, but how best to solve this? And what is an appropriate remuneration? How should family members who work in the business be treated?
The tax authorities often go over transactions that take place with your own private limited company with a fine-toothed comb. We have the right knowledge and experience to deal with this appropriately.

Sale or participating interest

And then comes the time to sell… Or an investment company appears to speed up the process. There is a lot to decide. What is the right decision and how can I safeguard the proceeds from the sale? We will gladly act as a confidential advisor not only during the entire sales process but also afterwards!